Future Reunions Survey

We would like to have your input concerning future reunions.  Hopefully, our 45th reunion is still in your minds whether you attended or not.  We would like to make our 50th reunion the best so far and hope that as many as possible will be able to attend.  In addition to the 50th reunion, some classmates have asked for an interim reunion or mini reunion prior to the 2020 reunion.

This survey includes questions for both a 50th reunion and a "Mini-Reunion".  We appreciate your input by completing the following survey.

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1)   For the 50th reunion, would you like the event to be

  One Night only?
  Two Nights and one day?
  Three Nightss and two days?
  Other suggestions or comments
2)   For the 50th reunion, would you like a Banquet/main event typical of past reunions? Past reunions have had a band and the recommended dress is business casual or dressy.

3)   50th Reunion: For a main event, do you have a preference for entertainment? That could include a band, DJ dance, etc. The Class of 69 had a classmates jam on the Thursday night before their 40th reunion.

4)   50th Reunion: Do you have a suggestion for a venue in or near Lakeland for the 50th reunion? The more popular venues have been places where out of town guests can stay overnight and not have to drive after leaving the events.

5)   50th Reunion: We would like the 50th reunion to be special and with the hope that it would be possible for as many as possible to attend. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions that have not been mentioned?

6)   Mini-Reunions: Some classmates would like to have one or more "mini-reunion(s)" prior to the 50th reunion such as a beach weekend. This would not have a formal agenda. Other than hotel cost, you would determine what you are willing to spend on entertainment and food. Would you be interested in attending a "mini" reunion in Florida?

7)   Mini-Reunion: Do you have any suggestions for when we should do a mini-reunion, such as spring, summer, year, etc?

Example: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
8)   Mini-Reunion: What would your preference be for the location of an informal "mini" reunion? Suggestions so far:

  St Pete Beach, FL
  Cocoa Beach, FL
  St Augustine, FL
  Jacksonville, FL
  Other suggestion: