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Clyde Woodrow "Woody" Durham

We learned today that Woody died in November 2016.  Dave Overcash discovered his death via a newspaper article about the house that Woody had previosly owned.  The article mentioned his death in November.  

We haven't been able to find an obituary for him.  According to this article, he had left his house to a friend and she died a few months later after a traffic accident.  The link to the article is

Rest in peace, Woody!

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08/01/17 08:45 AM #1    

Dennis Hollingsworth

I remember Woody, he was different and was bullied at SW Jr.  Sounds like he

had a tough life.  I did not know much about him personally, but, he was somewhat

mysterious.  I do remember also seeing him and his Mom, out in public, and she seemed

to truly love him.  In reading the referenced article about his home and the question as to

why there is no obituary only adds to the mystery.  I pray that he wasn't taken advantage

of,  in the transfer of his home and relative to the mystery of his death. 


Farewell to another 1970 class mate. 



08/01/17 07:01 PM #2    

Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

I remember Woody after seeing his picture.  Dave Overcash said that Woody was autistic, which would explain him being a little different.  Unfortunately, kids can be cruel when they don't understand why someone is different.  May he rest in peace!

08/02/17 04:38 AM #3    

Dan Hodge

I have a grandson with Asperberger's Syndrome, and he reminds me a lot of the Woody I remember from SWJHS.  RIP.


08/02/17 01:21 PM #4    

Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

As an adult, I have had interaction with some autistic and some aspergers people and now I have a step-grandson, high functioning middle school age autistic.  It's too bad that we didn't understand all of this when we were kids.  

08/02/17 02:58 PM #5    

Dan Hodge

You're right, Beverly.  I worked in a self-contained classroom and we had two with autism.  As all of us, I wish I had known more and been more tolerant as a kid.  The only way to make up for it is to treat everyone with respect today.

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