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02/11/13 02:15 PM #25    

Greg Cheatwood

Hi Becky    Thanks for asking. The band is still going. Its cheaper than Psychotherapy, lol. This is a wonderful site. I joined to check on Kays progress. Im looking forward to her full recovery.  I wish all our classmates continued good health and i look forward to talking to all who are interested. Stay safe.    Greg

02/11/13 09:48 PM #26    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Sorry, I'm just posting this from this morning's update on Kay...from Pam. 

"Just got in from spending the night in TICU. Scott has handed me my coffee & pancakes are on the griddle. Scott is a Rock Star!!! Kay is still making baby steps to recovery. She now is in twilight sleep & not induced coma. She is still not responding to simple commands. Yesterday afternoon she smiled at Amanda. Adam was joking around with Amanda & I at her beside about now that her head is shaved they look alike & she laughed! We are most excited about this....she pulled her leg up & grabbed the velcro tab on those leg braces & tried to rip them off! Big cognitive step!!!! Today is a big day. They are going to do breathing trials. They will remove her breathing tube on & off & try to do the MRI. We are not supposed to talk to Kay too much but I have been sharing all the love & support we have been getting!!! It has been amazing!!! We are so blessed!!!!!"

Also, Pam posted on FB....

We also want to thank everyone for everything!!!! You know Kay & I are big on sending Thank you notes. Everything means so much to us!!! It is so mentally draining sitting & waiting for a miracle. It is such a comfort to come home from the hospital for a break and have a fantastic hot meal waiting for us! The gift card for the Hospital Cafe was pure genius!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You everyone!!!!! Most of all we appreciate all the prayers for TEAM KAY!!!! XOXO


02/12/13 07:40 AM #27    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Pam posted this about 7:30a.m.  concerning Kay's progress:

"I stayed with Kay until 4 pm yesterday. She developed a staph infection from her breathing tube. They were not able to do her MRI or start her breathing trials. She still has too much swelling/pressure on her brain. We know Kay is still in there somewhere. I was standing at her bedside with her sister-in-law Lisa Butler & I told her I ate 2 big ole helpings of Lisa's homemade meatballs & baked ziti & she tried to laugh. Lisa told her she was going to make her favorite cake with lots of icing & she turned in her direction. Little things like that give us hope & as along as she has brain activity we will have hope. I had to return to Houston last but I will be back in March. Scott, Bill, Adam, Amanda, & Tyson still need all the support they can get! I told them not to be too proud to accept some relief!!!!!! Love to everyone!!! P.S. Scott will be sending her updates to post. He is having a hard time keeping up with his texts." 

Let's hope and pray that the can deal with this infection quickly so Kay can continue making progress.


02/12/13 07:23 PM #28    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

From Pam about 15 minutes ago concerning Kay's progress.......

Just got a text from Scott...Kay is in line for getting her MRI. Bill got her to nod today. She is still restless. As soon as her MRI is over they want to try to remove her breathing tube.......

02/13/13 07:39 AM #29    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Hi folks.....Pam posted this morning that they were able to do the MRI yesterday and they have been able to remove the blood pressure tube.  She said Kay tolerated that pretty well so it sounds like she's making progress.  I'm not sure if there's many reading these updates, but if there's one or two, then glad I can help.


02/13/13 05:58 PM #30    

Maggie Trask

Thanks Bev for keeping us all updated. We are still praying.


02/13/13 09:43 PM #31    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)


Grab your tissues before you hear this happy news! I just talk to Amanda & Kay's breathing tube is out & they took her off another sedative. Drumroll please........Amanda,Bill, Adam, Ciara, & Colton went to see her & she reached out her arms for hugs!!! She kept holding her arms out to get more hugs & kisses. Really loved getting kisses from Ciara & Colton & was laughing at them trying to be silly!!!! Then I guess she decided it was time to get the heck out of town. She tried to get out of bed & wouldn't take no for an answer!!! Bill & Adam both had to hold her down. Amanda said she was putting her foot on Bill to block him from holding her down!! Amanda said they were all laughing even Kay was laughing!!! I bet she will be talking soon!!! The Dr. has been in yet to read her MRI news!!! We are all dancing on air!!!XOXO

02/14/13 10:04 PM #32    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

I'm having issues with Facebook tonight, so couldn't get Pam's actual post so I grabbed Becky's post about the UPDATE FROM KAY SMITH'S SISTER PAMELA:
Update from Scott...Kay is out of bed. They put a helmet on her and are taking her for a walk. The speech therapist is meeting with her today & starting therapy. She is very aggravated by it all. Her staples come out on Saturday! Go Kay!!!

Sounds postive.  Of course, we know that it will be a difficult period of time ahead for Kay as she deals with therapy and so on.  Hopefully, she will make a complete recovery.  She will continue to need everyone's support and prayers.


02/15/13 10:30 PM #33    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Kay Smith Roger's sister, Pam said earlier today concerning her progress.....

Just had a long talk with Amanda. She said today they are hoping she can pass a swallow test so her feeding tube can be removed. She has been aggravated by family members being around. They are getting a tongue lashing!LOL Linda Allen Stell has been staying with her and has the most claming affect on her. Since her hands are still restrained she figured out how to pull her pike line out with her foot! That's our Kay!! Amanda read her the Valentine's from her Kindergarten class & she would say,"How Sweet!" & laugh. She also showed her a box of chocolates & she demanded, "Give me that!!!!" Amanda will be going up there later & will give me more updates! Keep the prayers coming!!!

Then this evening.....

Beverly I think her feeding tube was removed. Scott told me they were moving her out of TICU tomorrow. She is talking some but not having conversations. Jolene we know the girl needs her Dunkin Doughnuts coffee!!!

Great news.....


02/16/13 03:53 PM #34    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Today concerning Kay's progress from Scott and Carolyn.....

From Scott:

"Fri. 10 p.m. update. They moved Kay to another room with a full time nurse. She was very agitated but is resting great right now. They will continue speech therapy daily until they move her to the skilled nursing facility. No visitors for a few more days until she gets a little more acclimated."


We are overcome with joy and happiness with this outstanding news! Kay's progress has been truly stunning. She looked good today and seemed calm perhaps due to less activity in her room. Please adhere to Scott's wishes for no visitors for a few days. It's most important Kay stay calm and relaxed for her recovery efforts to move forward.

The continued love, prayers, well wishes and support mean the world to us, please don't stop.

Pray for Kay!

02/17/13 08:43 PM #35    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Wonderful news today from Kay's sister, Pam......

WOW, OMG, & HALLELUJAH!!! Just got a text from Scott & I had to read it 3 times....Kay had a huge lunch of solid food, they removed all her restraints. She is getting her balance back and......she maybe released on TUESDAY!!! She will do outpatient therapy instead of going to a Nursing home. I can hear they theme from Rocky playing in my head as I type this. She is a warrior!!!!! Victory is hers!!!!! I just re-read the text to make sure I'm not dreaming!!!!

02/18/13 08:46 AM #36    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

This morning, Kay's sister-in-law, Sharon, made a post on the Facebook page which they created for Kay.  I thought you would like to see this:

Kay has made monumental improvements in such a short amount of time. Each day has brought more truly impressive progress individually out shining the other. We are so so proud of your accomplishments.

I'd like to personally thank each and every person who has been praying, sending good vibes and well wishes, providing meals and posting encouraging comments on Kay's page. **Please don't stop.**

Special gratitude to:

Pam: for rushing to her sisters bedside and not leaving to go back to her own family until it became necessary. Plus using Spring Break vacation time to come back next month. You are awesome.

Amanda, Billy and Adam: for remaining strong as rocks for your mom as she has always done for you. For being at her side day after day and for being amazing young adults. Your mom will be honored by your conduct during her time of need.

And last, but certainly not least, to my brother Scott who has been with her from the very beginning. For being strong for Kay as well as both sides of the family. For keeping up with phone calls, emails, texts and continuously providing updates for this page, family and friends. For being at the hospital every single day while making sure needs at home and with Tyson were being met. For being graciously tenacious about limiting visitors for the well being of Kay which must have been difficult at times.

Scott you are the epitome of true companionship and love, your dedication to your family is beyond outstanding. In your hands and with you by her side Kay will continue to run to the finish line of recovery. You are an extraordinarily incredible man.

Pray for Kay!

Love to all,

02/20/13 07:55 PM #37    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Update on Kay Smith Rogers today from her significant other, Scott:

Kay has made it to Winter Haven hospital and is in the Joy Fuller therapy wing. They don't want her to have any visitors for the first 5 days so they can assess her. I will let u know when she can have visitors. She is doing well.

A previous post which I did not post is that Kay is expected to be at the Rehab for approximately 6 to 8 weeks.  "She will be in intense therapy every day all day long and not for just an hour or two like a skilled nursing facility."


07/19/13 08:42 AM #38    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Good Morning LHS friends!

I have not updated Kay Smith Roger's progress in a while and got an class notification email this morning from Becky concerning Michael Haughee having a stroke.  His son has posted on his Facebook page that he was released from the hospital and that it was a minor stroke.  Once he gets home, he will follow up with his doctor there and of course will need everyone's support. 

One of Kay's friends or relatives last posted on Pam's Facebook page that "I see much improvement in recall, speech, and long term memory! The visit sure lifted my spirits!"  That's great!  I asked for another update this morning. 





07/20/13 08:16 AM #39    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

An update, Nancy Coldeen passed along from Les Thornton.  "He said that Mike is doing fine. He should be home in a few days. He just needs to slow down a bit. "  We're glad it wasn't serious.

Sometimes these things are a wake up call for us to take it easy, see the doctor when you need to....and never stop taking your blood thinners without first talking to your doctor.   Suddenly stopping blood thinners such as coumadin, and plavix can cause strokes which can result in death.  So, please everyone, take a deep breath if you're stressed out, do some meditation or just relaxation breathing.  Anything can help.  We'd like to see you all at our next reunion.


06/20/14 05:49 AM #40    


Michael Haughee

Hi to all

Linda Allen Stell sent me a message

Kay Rogers is having her final surgery on July 1.

She needs our prayers. The surgery will be very intense. This will be the third attemp to replace part of her skull. If this doesn't work, one side of her head will continue to be caved in and there will be no protection.

Please pray for the doctors, nurses and Kay's family as well.

If you could send a card of encouragement that would be awesome

Kay Rogers

4513 West Orangewood Loop

Lakeland, FL 33813 

Thank you!

06/20/14 03:39 PM #41    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Thanks for the update concerning Kay, Mike.

02/12/15 09:01 AM #42    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Kay Smith Roger's sister contacted me yesterday that Kay's leaking fluid again.  Please keep Kay in your continued prayers as she is very disheartened by this latest development.  Kay is trying to get in to see a new doctor.  Her sister, Pam Whittaker will update us later. 

02/12/15 02:22 PM #43    

Vickie Dias (Armstrong-Canady)

I am so sorry to hear this news, my prayers are with Kay and the family. May God put his healing hands on this alumni sister and heal her.

02/12/15 07:10 PM #44    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Thanks Vickie.  I spoke with Kay on the phone this afternoon.  She is very appreciative of the prayers and support.  This new development is very discouraging for her and the doctors weren't very encouraging.  

02/12/15 08:01 PM #45    


Michael Haughee

Kay is in our thought and prayers. I had so much fun with Kay and Linda at the last reunion. Need to see them again and get my fun fix!

02/19/15 08:18 AM #46    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

02/19/15 08:20 AM #47    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Kay's sister posted this on her Facebook page.  I am fairly certain that this picture was from before her stroke.  Please remember that she has surgery tomorrow at Tampa General Hospital.  Thanks.

04/02/15 07:04 AM #48    


Carolyn Murray (Ortagus)

I would like for an update post regarding Kay.  Did the surgery go well and is she doing better?  Prayers for you Kay.  God Bless you and heal you.

Carolyn Murray Ortagus

04/02/15 02:15 PM #49    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

I asked Kay's sister, yesterday, about how she was doing and she said about the same.  Kay is on high doses of medication to fight the infections, so time will tell.  I just called and left her a message to call me and will let you know if anything new.  I know that she still needs all the prayers she can get.  The last time I spoke with her, she was feeling somewhat discouraged.  However, she went to a new doctor at TGH who is supposed to be the best.  I'll do another update after I talk with Kay and will pass along your comments to her, Carolyn.

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