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04/05/15 06:31 PM #50    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

An update from Kay's family:

Kay wants me to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter! She thanks everyone for their continued prayers and support ! She is doing well but Scott is in the process of trying to get her in Johns Hopkins. They specialize in her needs. He is Risen!

04/15/15 02:24 PM #51    


Carolyn Murray (Ortagus)


Thank you so much for the response regarding Kay.  She is still in my prayers and hope in a breakthrough for healing.  Praying Kay will also be able to join us in July.  Maybe a video chat at some point when we are all together for a picture might be nice.

Thank you for all you are doing Beverly and the group working with you to help this reunion possible.  We are very greatful.


04/15/15 08:01 PM #52    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Thanks Carolyn.  

04/22/15 10:47 PM #53    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

An update concerning Kay Smith Rogers.  I spoke on the phone with Kay for about 45 minutes earlier this evening.  What's going on with her is pretty confusing, but to simplify it, she is having a problem with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak.  Since her stroke, she has had a continual problem with the CSF and infection.  They haven't been able to replace her skull piece because of the problems.  As I understand it, one or the original surgeons did not treat her appropriately resulting in additional problems.  On May 22nd, Kay will have an appointment with two specialist for a second opinion.  Her current doctor's are recommending that everything be re-done which is a horrible thought to Kay.  She is hoping they can deal with the problem without additional surgery.  Kay says that she and Linda Allen Stell are planning to come to the reunion regardless of her situation.  Obviously, she won't be a party animal at this reunion.  Carolyn, I told Kay that you had asked about her and she said "hello" and she's looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

04/23/15 01:09 PM #54    


Carolyn Murray (Ortagus)

Beverly, this is wonderful news that Kay may be able to come to the reunion.  My prayers for her recovery and healing but sad that she has still had to go through so much.  Thank you so much for the update.  wink

04/25/15 12:05 PM #55    


Eric Berg

Please give Kay my best wishes. We had a nice conversation at the 2010 reunion about teaching.

To the rest of you, I won't be at this summer's reunion because I'll be bicycling across Iowa in the RAGBRAI. (Google it.) But I'm looking forward to the pictures.

Five years ago, I broke my own resolution and joined Facebook because so many of you were posting. I'm still FB friends with many of you. So post those pictures! And have fun!

04/26/15 10:38 AM #56    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

We'll do, Eric.  Sorry that you are unable to attend this year.  It was nice to see you at the last reunion...we'll keep up with you on Facebook.

04/26/15 10:43 AM #57    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

By the way, if any of you are getting a message when you click on the email posts such as the one below, try refreshing your browser and that should bring the page back again.  

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We are offline for a brief maintenance update. We will be back shortly.

04/26/15 05:39 PM #58    

Vickie Dias (Armstrong-Canady)

Hey Beverly..I just recently became friends on facebook with Brenda Spruill (Canady).she was talking with Ben Stafford and said she didn't know anything about the reunion.. can you message her please, she is on my friends list. thanks Vickie

04/26/15 10:11 PM #59    

Howard Hornsby Jr.

My prayers are with Kay.

Howard Hornsby

04/26/15 10:12 PM #60    

Howard Hornsby Jr.

My prayers are with Kay.

Howard Hornsby

04/27/15 07:53 AM #61    


Michael Haughee

Always praying for Kay.

Hope to see her and many more at the reunion!

Mike Haughee

04/28/15 07:14 AM #62    


Carolyn Murray (Ortagus)

A little humor for our geezer class...LOL

04/28/15 04:27 PM #63    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Aint that the truth, Carolyn.  LOl

04/28/15 07:47 PM #64    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Friday night at the reunion, we will play the Beatle's song "When I'm Sixty-Four".  

In case everyone didn't know it....we are either there or about to get there, lol

04/30/15 05:51 AM #65    


Carolyn Murray (Ortagus)

We all may be 63ish physically, but mentally just carrying on at 36.  Age is mostly a state of mind.  It has been proven that if you laugh a lot it improves your health.  Always have something to look forward to in life.laugh  I am looking forward to seeing all of you.

04/30/15 02:03 PM #66    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

I'm with you Carolyn.  Age is a state of mind.  I'm glad to be alive and with minimal problems compared to some of our classmates.  My motto is to enjoy my life while I can...and planning to have lots of fun at the reunion.laugh

07/04/15 03:19 PM #67    


Coleen Quirk (Hart)

So sorry to hear about Kay, but am quite aware of the power of prayer! Kay, you're now in my prayers, too! Hope to see you all Saturday.  Not going to try Friday; it's the day after a chemo treatment, and part of the treatment continues to Saturday am.  I'm fighting Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, but feel blessed by all that has been happening.  I have felt prayer covering me from many friends.  I've been blessed that I'm still able to work and have a great support group at work, church, and home!  My friends are having fun checking out which wig I wear.  Let's see who recognizes me first Saturday!  God bless!  Coleen

07/04/15 08:32 PM #68    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Very sorry to hear about your cancer, Coleen.  It seems that everytime I turn around, I hear of another classmate with some terrible illness.  I'm glad that you will be coming to the reunion.  

07/06/15 11:05 AM #69    


Woody Jackson

I am very much looking forward to this next reunion.  As Nancy Coldeen pointed out in our recent conversation, our numbers seem to be diminishing with each passing month.  Coleen, I'm sorry to hear about your cancer and will keep you in my prayers.  I was delighted to hear that our tough fighter, Kay is plannig to be with us  What an inspiriation she is!  To any and all that will be in attendance, best wishes for safe travel and another great time. It will be good to see everyone again..

07/07/15 09:53 AM #70    


Barry Hess

I am sorry to say that I will not be at the reunion this year.  We have multiple family and friends that will be staying at our home over the next month, all the way into August.  I will miss seeing everyone, but will be thinking of all of you.  Please be safe as you travel and have a wonderfull time!!!  

Barry Hess


07/07/15 02:59 PM #71    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Sorry that you can't make it Barry.  Maybe in 2030!

07/18/15 11:16 AM #72    


Susan Hart (Dampier)

I had a great time at Friday's Meet and Greet and only sorry I didn't sign up for the Saturday Affair!  It was great fun for those who attended and for those who didn't..... be sure to make it a  point to next time.  2020?

Dear Lord, I can't believe it!  Thanks for the memories!!


07/19/15 04:56 PM #73    

Nancy Davis (Royal)

Can somebody please tag the photos. I don't know who anybody is! Looks like you all had a great time though. Who is that who looks like Alan Alda?

07/19/15 08:55 PM #74    


Beverly Hersey (Binfield)

Nancy, I'm not sure which photos that you are looking on.  I'm working on tagging some for this website, but I didn't think they were showing yet.  I have more to be added so will take a little while.

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